Polybius Features In The New Nine Inch Nails Music Video


Polybius, the early 80’s cult classic arcade game is the main feature for the new Nine Inch Nails video for the song Less Than.

Reported by Eurogamer, The game Polybius is a bit of an urban legend. The unique arcade game circulated Portland, Oregon in the early 80’s. The game was said to cause seizures and hypnotise those who played it. There were even claims at the time, that the game was part of a government program in order to find the best candidates for a secret government mission.

The earliest documented mentions of Polybius were found in 1998 however, so it is most likely that the rumours about the game were not true.

More recently, acclaimed arcade developer Jeff Minter who has developed titles such as Space Giraffe and TxK, released his own version of Polybius on PlayStation 4 and PSVR.

You can watch the music video in it’s entirety below.