Aporia: Beyond the Valley Review Roundup

Aporia: Beyond The Valley

The reviews are in for adventure puzzle game, Aporia: Beyond the Valley. Check out the reviews below.


It’s strange that the ‘walking simulator’ has become something of a modern punchbag. Not just in terms of industry history, where this style of game has been hugely influential across genres and is far from a modern phenomenon, but in terms of the varied experiences they offer. You could bring these two threads together with Myst, then look at Aporia and almost see a through-line — as well as, of course, two decades of incremental progress. Hey, that’s what walking is all about. [Full Article]

God is a Geek – 7.5/10

“Many stories are told through the pages of a book or the actors in a movie, but sometimes the best kinds of tales are the ones where you never hear a word. You can tell so much about something through the things you see and the environment you explore, and Aporia: Beyond the Valley gives you a strange land to learn, uncover its secrets, and understand why you are a part of it.” [Full Review]

Game Grin – 8/10

“Aporia: Beyond the Valley is a first-person exploration narrative game with lite puzzle mechanics thrown in Legend of Zelda dungeons. Being a narrative-first game, this review won’t delve into those elements to avoid spoilers. For those expecting some really ingenious puzzles, this isn’t a game for you. To compare, the puzzles are more escape room in nature. Which is a positive for a game like this.” [Full Review]

Wolfs Gaming Blog

“Initially, Aporia: Beyond the Valley seems to fit into the walking-simulator genre, a first-person game based primarily around the exploration of a fallen civilisation, but it doesn’t take long before you’re solving puzzles and even dealing with an enemy that floats around like the much angrier version of Casper. This is fast becoming a popular genre, and it’s fair to say that Aporia doesn’t buck any trends in terms of its design, playing it relatively safe with puzzles that you’ve mostly seen before. However, the journey through the valley may very well be worth your time thanks to a strong story and visuals.” [Full Review]

Games Bulletin – 90%

“Until recently I avoided puzzle games, as they weren’t really my cup-of-tea when it came to gaming. But, one thing VR gaming has taught me is to fully appreciate puzzle games. I was anticipating playing Aporia: Beyond The Valley, even-though it is not a VR game – so what did I think of the experience?”

N3rdabl3 – 7.8/10

“Storytelling is in a very experimental place in gaming at the moment. Artists and developers are breaking free of the traditional methods used by TV and Film, instead opting for more inventive and game-specific ways of portraying a narrative. Aporia: Beyond the Valley manages to tell a complex, emotional and genuinely intriguing tale of immortality, tragedy and humanity’s desire to progress at any cost without resorting to dialogue, exposition or text. Instead the game uses a clever mixture of light, music and illustration to put forward its story, and it’s all the more better for it.” [Full Review]