The Black Death Relics Update Available Now


Green Man Gaming Publishing and Small Impact have announced a new update for the medieval survival game, The Black Death.

Relics are new unique items in the game which appear on each server. When you are close to the item, it will show on your compass, even if someone else is carrying the object. You can watch the new trailer below to see how Relics work within The Black Death.

In addition to the Relics update, The Black Death will have a new combat system, which will make swings more accurate and hands and arms can be removed from bodies. New animations have been introduced for this.

“We had experimented with our combat system in the past, changing our old system to make it more streamlined. However, for the ‘Relics’ update, we overhauled combat from scratch. We now have a combat system that feels great to play, looks great to watch, and serves as a foundation for improving the combat further,” said Peter Harries, Producer at Small Impact.