Peregrin Out Now For PC


Green Man Gaming Publishing and Domino Digital Limited are launched their latest game Peregrin. The story puzzle game is available now for PC.

According to the game’s press release ” Peregrin’s absorbing gameplay revolves around the use of Abi’s arcane powers. Wield them to take control of the creatures you encounter, from simple animals to The Divide’s hostile guardians. Turn the unique abilities of each creature to your advantage to solve complex puzzles and survive treacherous battles.

Peregrin’s story is a moving take on the struggle to overcome both personal and collective loss, beautifully realised in an epic mythical style. With glorious art inspired by 70s sci-fi legends John Harris and Moebius, a tense ambient soundtrack and a fully voice acted story, Peregrin is a stunningly crafted tale of loneliness, loss and redemption.”

Gary Rowe, EVP of Publishing at Green Man Gaming stated that  “For Peregrin, Abi had to be a lone hero – it’s about personal sacrifice, detachment, and isolation. It wouldn’t work if you had someone with you to share the burden,” said Dan Walters, Founder of Domino Digital. “Crafting Peregrin was a moving experience for us as developers, and we hope our audience will connect in the same way. The puzzles are very challenging, but we know the thoughtful mechanics and engaging story will have players relishing every failed attempt.”

“We always want to work with cutting edge independent developers like Domino Digital, who can bring us something unique. Peregrin is a truly enchanting game and we couldn’t be happier with the final product,”