Nintendo Facing Lawsuit Over Switch Design

nintendo switch

Accessory and peripheral maker Gamevice is suing Nintendo over the design of the Nintendo Switch.

Reported by Engadget, the company claims that Nintendo has used patents that Gamevice owns for the Switch without the company’s permission.

Engadget stated that “The suit set up by Gamevice states that the Switch and its removable Joy-Con controllers are too close to Gamevice’s vision of a combination of detachable game controller and a device with a ‘flexible bridge section. Not surprisingly, the lawsuit calls for both damages and a ban on Switch sales.”

Gamevice stated to Engadget that they have no comment on the case at this time and Nintendo have yet to give comment.

Gamevice’s Wikipad (pictured below) is the device that the Switch supposedly uses the patents from. The device features two analogue sticks, an analogue D-pad and 4 action buttons. A tablet device is then supposed to slide into the Wikipad allowing the player to play mobile games.


The lawsuit was filed on the 9th August. The full text for the law suit can be found here.