No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Update Released

No Man's Sky

Hello Games have launched a brand new update for No Man’s Sky. This promises to be the biggest update the game has received yet.

The new update contains improvements to the story, creations features and trading amongst other things. The full list of improvements can be seen below as well as the latest trailer for the update.

  • Story
    • We’re adding a new 20 hour core story to the game, leading players on a journey which culminates in the use of Portals.
    • We’re doing a full overhaul of the game’s story to make it even more accessible for new and returning players alike.
    • The tutorial is being re-written and re-designed to improve accessibility for new players
    • We’ll be adding a 4th race of NPCs to support the new story.
  • Missions
    • New mission and faction system is being introduced, allowing players to accept procedurally generated missions from Space Stations. This adds a huge amount of replayability.
  • Terrain editing
    • Using new equipment players will be able to add and remove terrain around their base, introducing a more organic feel to base customisation.
  • Trading
    • We’re adding much more depth to trading, making it an interesting and viable way to make a living in the game.
    • Star systems now feature socio economic variables (peaceful, warlike, wealthy, industrial, agricultural, etc). This allows players to plot trade routes between complementary economies.
  • Portals
    • A feature that has been anticipated since the game launched, portals will allow players to travel vast distances very quickly and form an integral part of the new story.
  • Space combat
    • Space combat mechanics have been improved to make fighting in space more compelling. In addition a new ship weapon, the rocket launcher, is being introduced.
  • Galactic map
    • In line with community feedback we’re going to rework the galactic map to make it easier to use and provide more useful information. This opens up the new trading metagame.
  • New biome environments
    • We’re adding some more extreme abstract biomes which will be tied to the new story. These will be quite rare but we want them to provide awe inspiring moments for the player.
    • Existing biomes are seeing a general graphical update, making them look better than ever.
    • Players can find and scavenge crashed Freighters on planet surfaces
  • New ship models
    • We’re adding some brand new end game ship designs to the game
  • Scanning
    • We’re overhauling the Scanning visor to provide the user with more information
  • Farming and Harvesting Depth
    • New maintenance interactions mean that mining harvesters need to be repaired/maintained and plants need to be nurtured, adding further depth to this area of the game.
    • New automated gas harvesters are being added
  • Ghost multiplayer
    • Basic multiplayer will be added. This will result in cool moments that fit well with the story we are developing (which features other travellers ‘glitching’ between universes).
    • Players will be able to encounter “ghost/glitch” versions of other players, with a cool visualisation. Interaction between players will be minimal, but when players do meet they will be able to mark the world with a new obelisk marker.