Conan Exiles Xbox One Release Has Partial Nudity in US

conan exiles nude

Conan Exiles, the survival game set in the Conan universe, is set to be released onto the Xbox One Preview programme on August the 16th.

The European version will be unchanged from the PC version. The US version will be altered to show partial nudity, as opposed to the European version.

The top halves of both genders available in the game will be visible, however in the US version the bottom halves will be wearing clothing at all times.

Community Manager Jens Erik states “The reason for this is if we included full nudity in Conan Exiles, this would have resulted in a more restrictive ESRB rating in North America which then might have prevented a broad release of the game”. The game is currently rated at M for Mature in the US, but has an 18 or over rating by PEGI in Europe.

Details regarding this alteration were announced during a livestream:

Source: Eurogamer.