Edgar Davids Wins Lawsuit Against League Of Legends Developer Riot Games

League Of Legends Edgar Davids

Former footballer Edgar Davids has won a lawsuit against Riot Games. The case centred around the Striker Lucian skin using Davids’ likeness.

During his football career, Edgar Davids played for football teams such as Barcelona, Milan, Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace. Davids argued that the ‘Striker Lucian’ skin for the character Lucian in League Of Legends was based on his likeness.

According to the Dutch website Het Parool (which was later translated by PC Gamer), Davids was successful in his lawsuit. The Riot Games defence was based on insisting that the likeness between Davids and the character skin wasn’t enough to warrant this lawsuit. The developer also claimed that League of Legends  players wouldn’t confuse the two.

Riot’s defence had been weakened by a tweet from a former QA analyst back in 2014. According to PC gamer the tweet read, “For all you wondering, Striker Lucian was inspired by soccer pro Edgar Davids.”

The judge for the case has ruled that Riot Games must show how much money the Striker Lucien skin has earned to auditors. The auditors will use the figure to determine how much compensation Edgar Davids is entitled to.