Agents Of Mayhem Review Roundup

Agents Of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem is the latest game from Deep Silver and is a spin off from the popular Saints Row series of games. The reviews for Agents of Mayhem are in and can be viewed below.

Game Informer – 8/10

“In many ways, Agents of Mayhem feels like a child smashing action figures together and making explosion sound effects. On one hand (the one holding the bad guy), the game is a shallow rumination on good versus evil. On the other hand (the one holding the hero), it’s silly in all the right ways that make it entertaining and fun to play. The imprint of developer Volition’s previous series, Saint’s Row, is impossible to ignore. Both are open-world games with over-the top characters and explosive action, but despite that heritage, Agents of Mayhem finds an identity of its own thanks to the memorable characters and structure, even if the action is familiar.” [Full review]

IGN – 7.1/10

“Agents of Mayhem does a good job paying homage to the cartoon and live-action TV heroes of the 80s and 90s, and revels in the absurd tropes and idiosyncrasies of those inspirations. A broad and goofy arsenal of unique weapons and gadgets and the ability to switch characters on the fly to access complementary abilities offers some solid combat and good mindless fun, but due to some unpolished writing and repetitive environments and enemy types, it doesn’t fully live up to its heroic potential. “[Full review]

Gamespot – 4/10

“Agents of Mayhem isn’t subtle. The single-player action-adventure game from Saints Row developer Volition is all about being larger than life, with intense superhero-versus-supervillain combat and raunchy protagonists who drop F-bombs as much as they drop real bombs. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer much more than a “to the extreme” attitude, which wears out its welcome in record time thanks to incessantly recycled missions, numerous bugs, and a juvenile script that mistakes swearing for humor.” [Full review]

Polygon – 5.5/10

“Agents of Mayhem seems desperate to prove it’s a standalone franchise, unfettered by the Saints Row series it was (very loosely) spun off from. Where the Saints offered irreverent, stylish lunacy that celebrated chaos with surprising doses of humanity, Agents of Mayhem offers something far more buttoned up, more controlled.”

GamesRadar – 4/5

“Agents of Mayhem is the M-rated comedy equivalent of watching GI Joe, playing with action figures, and joking around with friends. Its neon-bright world is established by animated cutscenes that evoke the low-budget vibe of merchandised-to-hell cartoons, and it’s bridged by ridiculously inappropriate public service announcements from a diverse cast of characters. This game is proud to wear its influences like military medals while also mocking the scorching hell out of them. Somehow, it all works.” [Full review]