UPDATE: The For Honor Community Are Still Unhappy With Latest Tournament

For honor season 3

Ubisoft held a live event tournament to celebrate the launch of two new heroes to the game. However, the For Honor community have expressed their concerns over the bugs the game has and the ‘abusing exploits and incredibly unbalanced ability.’

For Honor has been struggling with character balancing issues since the games launch in February and this isn’t the first time the community have been unhappy with Ubisofts attention to For Honor, after they organised a Community Blackout back in April.

It’s not only character balancing which the community has raised issues with, the community noticed in the live events bugs which have affected their own play, such as ‘a player is repelled from a grapple attempt and falls down, a bug which occurs on inclined terrain.’

According to the reddit post, the winner of the live tournament ‘used an exploit called “Unlock tech”, which is a technique that changes certain properties of the abilities and moves in the game if preformed at particular times’


Ubisoft has released the following statement in response to the exploit used in the tournament.

The For Honor team is aware of the feedback regarding unlock tech and will be resolving several of those tactics in update 1.11, which will go live with Grudge & Glory on Tuesday, August 15. Our team will continue to improve the player experience based on feedback from the live game as well as our public test environments. We will continue to gather feedback from competitive and community players for future For Honor Hero Series tournaments.”