More Details For No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Revealed

Travis Strikes Again

No More Heroes creator Suda51 has given some more details about the next installment in the No More Heroes franchise.

Speaking in an interview with GameXplain, Travis Strikes Again will feature a similar style of gameplay to its predecessors. Both No More Heroes 1 and 2 used a mixture of motion and button controls, with motion controls used for Travis’ attacks and charging up his beam katana.

Suda51 also confirmed that this can be played using one JoyCon controller. Co-op Multiplayer was not confirmed in the interview but the developer did hint that it was something they have in mind.

It was also confirmed that the villain which featured in the trailer is called Bad Man, who is the father of Bad Girl who featured in the first two games. After Bad Man fails to kill Travis in his trailer, the both of them are sucked into an experimental games console called the Death Drive Mk-II. Travis will then have to battle his way through six different retro style video game worlds, with each world featuring their own unique rules and boss fights. Both Hotline Miami and Shovel Knight have been confirmed as indie game partners for Travis Strikes Again which could lead to worlds inspired by these games.

No official release date has been given for No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again. However the latest trailer confirmed that the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018.