Upcoming Hearthstone Patch Includes Balance Changes


The upcoming Hearthstone patch has been announced by Blizzard, patch 9.1, which will see balance changes to five cards, four of which have been in the game since launch.

Blizzard’s focus is to see new expansion pack cards being played more, with an aim to slow down the game and its fast decks. The cards which will be getting changes include,

Innervate – The Druid spell, which costs zero, but gives players two mana on a single turn, will now only give players one mana on a single turner. This is to change the way Druids ramp up their mana quickly, to get out higher powered minions.

Fiery War Axe – The Warrior weapon will get a price increase to three mana, from two. This card has been overpowered since launch, with it being the staple of many Warrior decks with a three attack and two charge.

Hex – The Shaman spell is increasing in cost from three to four mana. The spell turns any enemy minion into a zero-attack, one-health frog with taunt, which is usually used against bigger minions, or as a silencing mechanic.

Murloc Warleader – The neutral card, is a three-cost murloc which grants other murlocs on either side a bonus of two attack and one health, this will change to only give murlocs 2 attack.

Spreading Plague – A more recent card, from the expansion set Knights of the Frozen Throne is getting a change, it summons a one-attack, five-health minion with taunt and casts the spell until you have the same amount of minions as your opponent, the card will now cost six mana, instead of five.