YouTubers Who Promoted CSGO Gambling Site Without Disclosure Will Not Be Punished


Two YouTubers who promoted their own Counter Strike: Global Offensive gambling website without disclosing their stake in it, will not be punished by the US Federal Trade Commission.

Trevor “TmarTn” Martin and Thomas “ProSyndicate” Cassel created videos of themselves winning valuable Counter Strike: Global Offensive items via CSGOLotto is owned by the YouTubers but they did not disclose their connection with the site until after investigations in 2016 by fellow YouTubers HonorTheCall and h3h3Productions.

The FTC have decided not to fine Martin and Cassel. They have instead agreed to disclose any endorsements going forward. If any breaches are made to this agreement they will be fined $40,000 for every infraction.

The FTC stated to Rolling Stone that “The goal of the FTC isn’t to be a punitive or draconian agency,” they continued, “We are here to educate consumers about new markets.”.