Xbox Live Indie Games Will Officially Close 29th September

Xbox Live

Microsoft will be shutting down its indie games programme for the Xbox 360 this month.

Xbox has confirmed this via twitter, the tweet can be seen below:

As reported by Eurogamer, two years ago Xbox sent an email to indie developers stating that they would be shutting down the programme.

The email featured a two year road map and detailed how the programme would wind down. Starting the 9th February 2015, developers would have be unable to purchase an annual subscription to the service, however active developers could still work on their games. The email also stated that players would be unable to publish their games on the platform from the 9th September 2016.

According to the email, the Xbox Live indie games marketplace would close officially during September 2017. Developers will receive their final payout around November this year.

Players will still be able to re-download and play the games that they already own, it is advised that they get their games downloaded before the 29th September.