Mod Removes Fallout 4’s Creation Club

creation club

The Creation Club, Bethesda’s unpopular tool for selling content created by paid modders, has been modded out of Fallout 4.

Currently when starting Fallout 4, the Creation Club appears in the top right of the main menu. Modder ‘InAComaDial999’ has created a mod entitled No More Creation Club News which removes this from the menu.

This mod is currently 3rd on the Top Mods section on the Fallout 4 Nexus and at the time of writing, this mod has been downloaded 15,243 times.

‘InAComaDial999’ states in the mod description that the reason for its creation is “After updating to Fallout 4 v1.10.20, you are greeted with a giant spam box on your Main Menu screen. I dislike this, so I modded the Main Menu interface file to get rid of it.”