Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider Review Roundup

Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider came out at the end of last week. The reviews are in, read below to see what everyone is saying about the game.

IGN – 8.4/10

“It was wonderfully satisfying to have more Dishonored to play, even if Death of the Outsider doesn’t quite meet the high bar Dishonored 2 set in story or mission design. Even though it’s a shorter and slightly shallower game, there are some exciting new abilities and interesting changes to the energy system, and the freedom from consequences of Chaos further encourage experimentation and freedom. All in all, it’s a worthy end to the story that began five years ago.” [Read full review]

Polygon – 8/10

“Death of the Outsider offers a standard take on the Dishonored formula, tracking closely to its admirable ethos of freedom and choice in a world of subtleties and illusions. It’s a decent finale with a solid central character. But it makes little attempt to try anything new, a sign that all the best ideas are likely going into whatever comes next.

If and when Dishonored returns, it will be in a different era and with new characters. I hope Arkane is as bold with its next work, as it was with the original game.”

PCGamesN – 9/10

“Dishonored: Death of the Outsider captures everything that’s great about Arkane’s assassination series, while also showing that it can still surprise. Smart tweaks improve the core gameplay and, if you’re worried about having fewer powers to play with, you can always go back through it with Corvo’s moveset when you’re done. As far as mission quality goes, it peaks in the middle – the fourth mission has us revisit a location from Dishonored 2, albeit slightly reworked, and the final mission feels much more linear than what’s come before. Still, it all leads to a satisfying conclusion that neatly ties up every plot strand that’s been hanging since that political assassination, whoever you decide is responsible.” [Read full review]

TheSithAxis – 9/10

Death of the Outsider might be smaller in scope (and launch price) than the first two games, yet Arkane has crafted a game that meets the quality of design found in those games. It takes the best bits of the series and improves them, putting together a story that feels personal despite its huge ambition and featuring what may be the best Dishonored protagonist yet. If Death of the Outsider ends up being the closing chapter for the Dishonored series, then it is a truly fitting conclusion. [Read full review]