FIFA 18 Review Roundup


The reviews for FIFA 18 have been released. Here is what the media are saying about the latest installment of the FIFA game franchise.

Eurogamer – Recommended

“This is the thing about FIFA 18 – all the various tweaks and changes are successful and combine to make for a really fun gameplay experience. But fans won’t sing songs about any one of them. Pundits won’t wax lyrical about the new crosses. Social media won’t blow up at the new crowds. And the back pages won’t scream headlines about Hunter’s new hairdo. Having pumped tens of hours into FIFA 18, I wonder how much “innovation”, as EA Sports’ producers would call it, is left for the designers to add outside of new game modes. I go back and forth on whether this is a troubling thought or not.” [Read full review]

Gamespot – 7/10

“It’s off the pitch that EA excels. From the variety of game modes on offer and how everything’s presented, to the constant updates in FUT’s Team of the Week, Daily Objectives, and discussion of real-world happenings in commentary, FIFA 18 captures the world of football and confidently translates it into a video game. On the pitch, however, EA’s soccer series is still lagging far behind PES 2018’s more fluid, satisfying football. This year’s improvements are welcome, but more needs to be done in the coming years if FIFA is to be a world-beater once again.” [Read full review]

IGN – Review In Progress

“Ultimately, FIFA 18 introduces enough new ideas to suggest it’s not sitting on the laurels of its success. However, it’s a simplified experience, one that fails to embrace the complexity of football at the highest level. Its focus on attack makes for spectacular matches, but they often feel like extravagant offensive training sessions than a proper match with depth and strategy.” [Read full review]

Gamesradar+ – Review In Progress

Still, even if you only focus your attentions on The Journey 2 and twice-daily Squad Challenge matches in Ultimate Team (which, by the way, gets a genuinely intuitive web app this year that makes Squad Building Challenges even more addictive), FIFA 18 offers remarkable value. PES fans will steadfastly refuse to let it darken their doors, but that’s been the case since the PS2 years. Ultimately, it’s a monster season for both big football games. One where, unlike in Manchester, Glasgow or North London, everybody wins. [Read full review]