Jungle Inferno Announced For Team Fortress 2


Valve have announced a new update for Team Fortress 2, entitled ‘Jungle Inferno’ which will include a new map, amongst other updates.

The map is called ‘Mercenary Park’ and Valve state that it is a ‘jungle-themed disease-ridden three-control point map’.

Community created maps, Lazarus, Mossrock, Banana Bay, Enclosure, and Brazil will also be included in the update.

In addition to this some new taunts and emotes are being added, such as the Yeti Smash, Yeti Punch, The Duelling Banjo, The Jumping Jack, The Soviet Strongarm, The Russian Arms Race, and The Headcase.

More information can be found on Valve’s Jungle Inferno update page. More information on this update will be announced over the following days.