British Games Institute calls on UK government for support


The British Games Institute is calling on the UK government to be officially recognised as a “single national public agency to champion games”.

In an online petition on, BGI is seeking support (2,500 signatures) to get politicians to understand how important games are to UK people and to persuade the government to fund the organisation.

The BGI is a proposal backed by over 500 games, art, finance and educational organisations, as well as both trade bodies and Ukie.

According to MCV, if the BGI gets founded, it would be modelled after the British Film Institute and act on behalf on government to ensure the continued growth and contribution of the UK games sector to Britain’s economic and cultural landscape.

Ian Livingstone CBE said: “Some of the most creative and competitive games studios in the world are based in the UK, yet almost all UK games companies struggle to raise finance and access skills, and have to fight against low public recognition of our amazing art form. The BGI’s programmes will help address these challenges. I’m convinced that the BGI can increase the level of investment, widen games’ cultural impact and source the skills our studios need to stay world class.”

Nicola Mendelsohn CBE, VP Facebook EMEA and Co-chair of Creative Industries Council, added: “Games are one of the most important bridges between technology and the arts. Although the UK games sector is at the cutting edge of a rapidly growing global industry, it faces significant challenges in access to finance and skills, and low awareness of just how deeply games are embedded in our culture. The British Games Institute represents a unique opportunity for government to address these challenges with support from a very wide range of arts, education, finance and games organisations. I’m proud to lend my support.”