Football Manager 2018 to feature ‘newgen’ gay players


Sports Interactive have announced that gay players will be included in Football Manager 2018 for the first time.  Real-life players will not come out as gay in the game, instead it will be the fictional, computer-generated youngsters known as ‘newgens’ that will appear as others retire when the game’s database refreshes.

The in-game inbox will show a news announcement if a player comes out.  The commercial director will then provide information that there has been a boost in the club’s revenue due to new attention from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Miles Jacobson, the game’s director told BBC Sport, “Part of the reason we decided to do this is because there are gay footballers.”

“We know from the amount of professionals that there has to be players who are gay but feel they don’t want to come out.

“I find it weird that it’s still a problem in football so we decided to try and show people that coming out isn’t a big deal and can be a positive thing.

“I just think it’s crazy that in 2017 we are in a world where people can’t be themselves.”