Bomber Crew Hits $1m Sales


Bomber Crew, the strategic simulation bomber management game developed by Runner Duck and published by Curve Digital has hit $1m in sales.

The aerial bomber management simulation game has been received positively since its release earlier in October and is currently sitting at 8.4/10 on the Green Man Gaming site.

The sales milestone was announced yesterday via Twitter:

Alex Moyet, marketing Director at Curve Digital had this to say about Bomber Crew’s sales: “We’re so incredibly pleased with how well the launch of Bomber Crew has gone, and it continues to break all Curve records, from our most wishlisted title on Steam to the fastest to reach $1m in sales. These numbers are a huge testament to the amazing game Runner Duck have made as well as the efforts of the whole Curve team, from publishing and marketing to production and QA. Curve is going from strength to strength – keep watching this space!”

Dave Miller, Co-owner of Runner Duck, developers of Bomber Crew was similarly enthused about both the sales, and the advice and support they have received from Curve Digital: “Our first experience of launching an indie title has been an absolute pleasure thanks to the lovely folks at Curve, who have given us nothing but invaluable support. On their advice we pushed to get the PC release ready for October 19th, and now its clear that advice is paying off!

Bomber Crew’s launch has surpassed our highest expectations. Although the most pleasant surprise is the enthusiastic community that has rallied around the game already. Their indispensable feedback has enabled us to release a significant update to the game just one week after launch, adding some much requested features.

If this is indie development, we’re in it for the long-haul!