Fans Organise Black Friday FIFA Boycott


A campaign named #FixFIFA has been started by fans of the series, asking fans of FIFA and FIFA 18 to refrain from spending any money in-game.

A petition has been set up to address these issues and promote the boycott, this petition has received over 26,000 signatures as of the time of writing.

Issues that the #FixFIFA campaign would like to resolve are as follows:

  • Input Delay/EA Servers during online seasons/any online game mode including WL causing button delay ( Always been a problem but certainly does need addressing. )
  • Freezing when trying to access ‘Featured Squad’ in Squad Battles
  • Change of kit numbers
  • Bug where when the ball goes out of play power bar/player name vanishes
  • Matchmaking ( A new WL Format and Matchmaking would do wonders )
  • Sending invites on Pro Clubs does not work, some state it does sometimes by following steps but many cannot confirm this.
  • 40 games in a weekend is both mentally and physically unhealthy. To encourage a child or even adult to play.

The full list of issues the #FixFIFA campaign is targeting can be seen on Reddit.