UK Broadband Firms Must Ditch ‘Misleading’ Adverts


The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that ISPs in the UK can no longer advertise using broadband speeds that only a few will get.

Currently, ISPs in the UK can advertise highlighting broadband speeds that only 10% of customers may receive. This is all set to change, following ASA’s ruling.

As reported by the BBC, the ruling also changes the wording allowed in ISP adverts, changing the ‘up to’ used currently to instead use ‘average’ speeds.

Shahriar Coupal, Director of the Committees of Advertising Practice said “There are a lot of factors that affect the broadband speed a customer is going to get in their own home; from technology to geography, to how a household uses broadband. Our new standards will give consumers a better understanding of the broadband speeds offered by different providers when deciding to switch providers.”