Take-Two Boss Says Games Industry Moving to 100% Digital


As reported in Gamesindustry.biz, Take-Two Interactive’s President, Karl Slatoff has said that he thinks the games industry is set to move to 100% digital over the long term.

Speaking at the Credit Suisse 21st Annual Technology, Media and Telecom Conference yesterday, he said “I think over the long-term, it will be 100% [digital]. I just can’t predict whether that’s five years, 10 years, or 20 years. It’s probably less than 20 and maybe more than five, but I think it ultimately gets there. That’s the zeitgeist. Things are moving in that direction.”

Slatoff also acknowledged that the company still relied heavily on brick and mortar retailers and that they wanted to do everything to support their partners in that environment. However, he reiterated that the shift from physical to digital was going to happen eventually whether they wanted it or not.

During the event, Slatoff also commented on the topic of microtransactions in the industry acknowledging the recent uproar over the practice.  He suggested that players objections were not with microtransactions itself but the game around them.  He said that it was all about “overdelivering on content and making sure you’re focused on engagement.” This has been Take-Two’s strategy and where the company’s focused.