PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Xbox One Control System Details Emerge


As PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) prepares to make the leap from PC to Xbox One – it will be available on Early Access from December 12, and available to all from December 20 – Microsoft has unveiled exactly how its control system will work on an Xbox One controller, rather than via keyboard and mouse. 

There is little that will surprise seasoned players of third-person shooters or survival games on the Xbox One. To reload, you’ll have to hold the X button, while tapping that button will allow you to interact with any highlighted object. The D-Pad will allow you to cycle between grenades and healing items. Tapping the left trigger will let you aim down your sights (tapping again will return you to third-person mode), while holding down the left trigger will keep you in a third-person view but will increase your aiming accuracy. 

Microsoft and developer PUBG Corp have also released details of how the control system will work when you’re driving vehicles and swimming. Again, the vehicle controls look pretty standard – left and right triggers take care of braking and accelerating, and holding the A button will shift you into the driver’s seat. When swimming, Dive is mapped to the B button and Float to the A button.

One of the most vital aspects of playing PUBG is mastering its inventory system, and inventories are much easier to navigate using a mouse and keyboard than a gamepad. Key aspects of the inventory including navigating between columns using the left and right bumpers, and the ability to strip all attachments from a weapon (returning them to your inventory bag) by highlighting that weapon and holding the X button.

In general, it doesn’t look as though it should take too long to learn the intricacies of PUBG’s controls on the Xbox One – PUBG Corp also asserts that it is open to all player feedback. The imminent arrival of the hugely popular survival game on Xbox One is a major coup for Microsoft – so far, PUBG Corp has not said anything about porting the game to other consoles.

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