PUBG Test Servers Get Replay Function


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has acquired a new replay feature as it prepares to emerge from its beta phase on the PC.

It may not sound like the most earth-shattering addition, but the ability to replay rounds of last-person-standing survival game could give players vital pointers to where they have been going wrong, or how they might alter their approach in future rounds.

The replay function must be switched on before a match starts, but it records everything that takes place within 1km of the player. So it lets players fly through the battleground, looking for details they missed when playing the match, or to view the action from the perspective of the players they were fighting.

PUBG Corp has created a video showing the replay mode.

Players who turn on the function can view their replays in the Lobby/Replays menu, and up to 20 replays can be saved (with the oldest automatically deleting when the number is exceeded). The feature has found much favour among streamers – and PUBG is currently one of the most-streamed games in the world.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One version of the game – now in Game Preview before becoming fully available to buy on 20 December – has received a barrage of criticism for its unimpressive performance, with frame-rate issues often in evidence, particularly in city areas of the map. Players have been commenting that that it may take some time before the game reaches the sort of graphical performance that it is able to achieve on the PC, but are at least pleased that its gameplay has survived the leap from PC to Xbox One fully intact.

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