CoD WWII: The Resistance brings new maps, War Mission and Nazi Zombies chapter


In the build-up to the 30 January 2018 release of Call of Duty: WWII’s first DLC drop – entitled The Resistance – developer Sledgehammer Games and publisher Activision have released details of what it will offer. 

To see for yourself, check out this video:

The highlights of what will be the first of four DLC drops included in the Season Pass are:

  • Three new multiplayer maps. Anthropoid is set in Prague and inspired by Operation Anthropoid, a famous Resistance assassination attempt. With its centre lane flanked by paths, it supports sniping and shotgun action. Occupation takes the action to Paris – the streets of Montmartre, to be precise – where we can anticipate mid-range combat. And Valkyrie showcases The Wolf’s Lair: Hitler’s bunker complex in Poland, from which he ran the war on the Eastern Front.
  • A new War Mode mission called Operation Intercept. In this, you must rescue Resistance fighters being transported by train, before destroying radio equipment and engaging in a fire-fight.
  • A new Nazi Zombies chapter called The Darkest Shore. This takes place on a creepy island beset by fog, so expect Nazi Zombies to jump out at you unexpectedly. It also sees the introduction of a new zombie type which can act “strategically” (surely giving zombies intelligence is cheating?). Helpfully, it also adds a new weapon which is a cross between a machine-gun and a buzz-saw.

Although The Resistance will come out on January 30, it’s in Activision’s “First on PlayStation” programme, so if you’re playing the game on anything other than a PS4, you’ll unfortunately have to wait a bit longer for it.

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