StarCraft II World Championship Series: 2018 events detailed


 Publisher Blizzard has released details of StarCraft II’s World Championship Series (WCS) for 2018 –one of the hottest tickets on the e-sports calendar.

2018’s WCS season will consist of the same number of WCS Circuit events last year. But it will kick off with even more fanfare than usual via an event in Leipzig, Germany on January 26, with a $100,000 prize-pool and the winner guaranteed a place at the 2018 WCS Finals.

The Leipzig tournament will be part of a DreamHack event in the city, and Blizzard says that three additional WCS Circuit events will take place at DreamHack events later in the year. Blizzard adds that the regional representation in WCS Circuit events will remain the same as before, with four players qualifying from Europe, four from North America, two from Latin America, two from Oceania, two from China and two from Asia/Pacific.

If you fancy some of that action, or are keen to spectate as much of it as possible, the full WCS Circuit schedule can be found here. Rogue may just have been crowned 2017 WCS Global Champion, but challengers will be able to throw their hats into the ring more or less straight away.

There will be three global StarCraft II events in 2018, with the key one being the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) tournament in Katowice, Poland starting on March 2. The prize pool for that event will, for the first time, be enhanced by StarCraft II’s new War Chests. You can find details of those, and other enhancements Blizzard has made to the game, here

It looks like StarCraft II fans and players will be more spoilt for choice than ever in 2018 – Blizzard is keen to highlight a number of events outside of the WCS Circuit which will also feature the game. Notably the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG), SHOUTcraft Kings, Nation Wars and IEM PyeongChang, which will take place just before the Winter Olympics in the same city. Fancy yourself as a StarCraft II pro? There has never been a better time to seek fame and fortune through the game.

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