Monster Hunter World open beta under way

PlayStation 4 owners can now enjoy a taste of Monster Hunter World via an open beta. 

They will have to hurry, though: Capcom’s much-anticipated monster-hunting action-RPG entered its open beta phase on 22 December, but it will finish at 4.59pm on December 26. Which should at least prove handy if your Christmas is proving to be less enjoyable than you might have hoped.

As it’s an open beta, anyone with a PS4 can download it and play it. And it’s sufficiently comprehensive to give a decent idea of what the game is like. Capcom says you must be online even when playing it in single-player mode. But it includes three single-player quests to experience: Great Devourer, Great Jagras (a Great Jagras hunt in the Ancient Forest); Wildspire Rampage (a Barroth hunt in Wildspire Waste) and The Ancient Forest Menace (an Anjanath hunt in the Ancient Forest).

It’s also possible to get a taste of Monster Hunter World’s multiplayer in the open beta, albeit with limited functionality, and you will be able to choose between six preset male or female hunters (whereas the full  game’s character creation options will be more or less boundless).  Handily, Capcom has even put a full annual for the game on the web

If that leaves you desperate to play the full game, at least you won’t have too long to wait: it’s scheduled for release on 26 January 2018.