PUBG Xbox One gets second patch already


The Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has received its second patch, less than two weeks after it entered Game Preview on Microsoft’s console.

According to developer PUBG Corp, the patch: “Is focused on quality of life fixes (weapon recoil for example) as well as trying to resolve some of the stability issues that have been brought to our attention.” You can see more details of what it brings to the immensely popular survival-shooter in this forum post.

The Xbox One version of PUBG, although it managed to preserve the smash-hit’s compelling gameplay, received a barrage of criticism for performing poorly in comparison with the PC version when it arrived on December 12. However, the frequency of the patches that PUBG Corp has been putting out bodes well for the future. 

Among the improvements that the second patch brings are general all-round performance optimisations, an across-the-board reduction in weapon recoil, a greater tuning range for the general sensitivity option, and the addition of a properly functional voice chat status to the Team UI. Plus, PUBG Corp says, several crash-bugs have been fixed.

PUBG Corp says that we can expect the next PUBG Xbox One patch around the start of 2018, and it is at pains to point out that it is taking all user feedback on board.

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