Star Trek Bridge Crew now playable without VR headset

After its latest update, it’s now possible to play Star Trek Bridge Crew without a VR headset, on both PS4 and PC.

Given that we’re used to seeing ordinary games spawning VR versions, it seems like a counter-intuitive move, but it does make sense for Star Trek Bridge Crew, which is best played co-operatively by four people.

Ubisoft explains the move here. Since one of the best aspects of Star Trek Bridge Crew was
the sense of presence it provided (in both the USS Aegis and the original USS Enterprise), it is unclear how much its gameplay experience will differ on a screen with conventional controllers or keyboard and mouse.

But at least Trekkies should now be able to rustle up a full crew from among their friends, who might not previously have owned VR headsets. Developer Red Storm Entertainment has made a diary video explaining the move.