Fortnite update brings limited-time boogie bomb

Epic Games has treated Fortnite: Battle Royale to an update which brings a new item called a Boogie Bomb and a temporary High Explosives mode to the popular free-to-play PvP game.

Between December 28 and January 2, the update will bring an event called High Explosives to Fortnite, which will feature the Boogie Bomb. As the name suggests, the Boogie Bomb is thrown like an ordinary grenade, but it forces players within its blast radius to dance – preventing them from building, firing weapons or using items. Epic Games provides more information about the event here

Anyone who samples the High Explosives mode event will find that weapons will be limited to snowball launchers, rocket launchers and all types of grenades. Traps will be disabled but otherwise, regular consumables will be available. As new temporary modes for games go, High Explosives sounds pretty festive.