Chandragupta leads India in Civilization VI

2K Games has revealed that the second of the nine leaders in Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall DLC pack will be Chandragupta.

Although not as well known as the previously announced Genghis Khan, Chandragupta Maurya built up a huge Indian empire in the third century BC. Renowned as a master strategist and diplomat, he rose to fame by toppling the corrupt Nanda dynasty in 322 BC, installing himself as ruler, and reclaiming land in the Indus Valley that had been conquered by Alexander the Great’s Macedonian empire.

From 305 to 303, he waged war with the Seleucid empire, which he won; eventually Chandragupta’s empire stretched from modern-day Afghanistan to southern India. Later in life, he discovered the religion Jainism and renounced everything in favour of meditation.

You can read more about Chandragupta – a historical figure with a surprisingly modern outlook – on the Civilization VI blog. Or peruse the video below.

Chandraguptra will come with a leader ability entitled Arthashastra, which roughly translates as “The science of politics”. In Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, that ability will bring Movement and Combat Strength bonuses as you march into battle.