Gran Turismo 6 online services to end on March 28

Gran Turismo 6’s online services will be shut down for good on March 28 2018, at 12.00pm, Sony has announced.

From then on, it will be impossible to access the Community, Open Lobby, Quick Match and Seasonal Events portions of the PlayStation 3 game. Although it will still be possible to play all of its offline components.

Distressing though it is when online components of a very old game (Gran Turismo 6 originally arrived in December 2013), it is an inevitability for games which came out on consoles which have effectively been superseded. And Gran Turismo fans have a ready-made replacement at hand: the recently released Gran Turismo Sport for the PlayStation 4, which focuses heavily on online play.

The official announcement can be found here. In the meantime, we’ll continue to bring you news of updates to Gran Turismo Sport.