Nintendo Switch: 64Gb game cards delayed?

Nintendo Switch

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has delayed the release of 64Gnb game cards for the Switch until 2019.

Currently, the maximum capacity of the cards on which the Switch’s physical games are sold is 32Gb, and Nintendo was expected to double that to 64Gb before the end of 2018. However, the Wall  Street Journal reports that unspecified “technical problems” have delayed that until 2019. 

So far, most Switch games have taken up much less space than 32Gb – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example, fits in 13.4Gb and Super Mario Odyssey a svelte 5.7Gb. But a couple of recent efforts have approached the 32Gb – LA Noire needs 29Gb and WWE 2K18 is right on the 32Gb limit.

It is possible to augment the Switch’s internal storage with a microSD card – and anyone who has taken regular advantage of the wares of Nintendo’s eShop on the Switch will surely have purchased one of those. But developers and publishers would love to have the leeway to take games which require more space than 32Gb to the Switch, so it’s a feature which has the potential to cement the Switch’s attraction to them, as well as to gamers.

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