PUBG passes 3 million mark on Xbox One


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has sold over three million copies on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Passing the three million-unit mark on the console so quickly – PUBG only entered the Xbox Game Preview Programme on December 12 2017 – pays tribute to the game’s appeal. Especially considering that when it arrived on the Xbox One, it was dogged by various basic issues, most notably unimpressive frame-rates.

However, developer PUBG Corp has rolled out four updates to the Xbox One version since launch, and another one is due this week which will add first-person support for solo, duo and squads gameplay. Microsoft adds that: “The team is just getting started, with more updates planned that include additional game optimization and the new “Miramar” map.”

The latest patch notes from PUBG Corp can be found on the official forum here. And Microsoft is using its Mixer video service to demonstrate tips and tricks that should help PUBG Xbox One newcomers to get up to speed quickly.

 As ever, we’ll keep you abreast of any new developments and patches for PUBG, the moment that they come to light.