Sega lifts the lid off of “Two Point Hospital”


Sega and Two Point Studios have announced that the latter is developing a game called Two Point Hospital, coming to Steam in late 2018.

The game is already being described as the spiritual successor to Bullfrog’s late-1990s classic Theme Hospital – Farnham-based outfit Two Point Studios includes many of the original Theme Hospital team (along with members of the Black and White, Theme Park and Fable development teams). As the trailer below shows, Two Point Hospital looks likely to continue in a similarly humorous vein to Theme Hospital. 

With ex-employees from the likes of Bullfrog, Lionhead and Mucky Foot, Two Point Studios represents something of a dream-team of experienced UK developers. Co-Founder Mark Webley said: “Gary and I have been talking about this project for a number of years and are really excited to be announcing Two Point Studios’ first game,” while his fellow Co-Founder Gary Carr added: “The amazing team we have managed to bring together, and our partnership with Sega, has really allowed this first part of our vision to finally come to fruition.”

If you’re keen to track Two Point Hospital’s development – or sign up for a Hospital Pass which essentially will bring a Deluxe Edition of the game – then you might want to visit the official website. We would venture that, in the current climate, there has never been a better time to revisit the anarchic, satirical fun of Theme Hospital, two decades after the original game.

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Steve Boxer
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