Sea of Thieves beta extended after initial access problems


Sea of Thieves closed beta, which started on 25 January, has been extended by two days until 31 January, after many gamers were unable to access it in its early stages.

Many players who qualified for the closed beta via pre-ordering the game have encountered error messages when trying to fire up the multiplayer pirate-sim – predominantly stating that they were “Too early” to play the game, and in some cases, receiving a matchmaking error code called BronzeBeard.

As a result, the closed beta period has been extended from its original January 29 end-date to 8am on January 31. Rare Software is working hard to fix the problems – posting this tweet, for example and adding this update to its website, in which it revealed that it has fixed the “Too early” bug, but that fix is taking “Longer than anticipated to reach all affected players”.

So it looks as though those who pre-ordered Rare Software’s hotly anticipated game, and are keen to sample it pre-launch, will have to show a modicum of patience. The bugs did not affect codes specifically providing a download of the closed beta version of the game – we were able to get it running via such means and can report that it was every bit as much fun as we had hoped it would be.

We’ll keep you updated with further developments.