Motiga to call time on Gigantic in July


Third-person multiplayer action game Gigantic will be shut down at the end of July.

Developer Motiga has announced that: “The January Update is the final content update for Gigantic, and the game servers will be discontinued on July 31, 2018,” going on to explain that: “Discontinuing Gigantic was not an easy decision. The game is a unique and exciting experience that captured many hearts and minds. Unfortunately, it did not resonate with as many players as we’d hoped.”

As Gigantic, just now enhanced by what  will prove to be its final update, enters its last hurrah, Motiga will at least provide some crumbs of comfort for existing players: “For all the amazing folks who continue to play and show passion for Gigantic, all Heroes will be FREE as the purchasing of Rubies and Hero Packs have been disabled. This includes our newest hero, T-Mat! Currency will still be rewarded in-game, and any Crowns or Rubies gained by an account will remain available to purchase Shop items at discounted prices.”

But following so soon after Epic Games announced it will close Paragon, the demise of Gigantic emphasises how hard it is for multiplayer games to compete with the likes of Overwatch and PUBG. Which a contrite Motiga acknowledged: “Despite our best efforts, we were unable to find an impactful solution that would help Gigantic break through in a crowded market.”

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Steve Boxer
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