Stormworks Open Beta Launches 7th February


In a developer blog posted on the 5th of February, Stormworks: Build and Rescue will be moving into Open Beta.

Stormworks: Build and Rescue, which is being published by Green Man Gaming Publishing, has previously been available to some players as part two separate Alpha tests, in advance of it moving into Early Access, the game will be available as a free open beta from the 7th of February.

The open beta will be available via Steam and new beta features will be included in this version. The following is taken from the developer blog:

New Missions System

We have overhauled the story of the ocean around you, and created a new AI system where NPCs are persistent in the world, and can drive vehicles on their own or as a crew around the ocean. Their activities sometimes go wrong, and these persistent background stories can become a mission. This is now how all missions work. There is all new mission content, as well as a lot of the older content reworked to work in the persistent simulation.

New Environments

There are all new locations to visit in the world, as well as upgrades to existing locations. Many of these locations are designed with the new missions system in mind and may become important as we expand the missions in the future.


Water no longer comes inside spaces that are enclosed by the water-tight doors, windows and blocks. These spaces provide buoyancy, but if water comes in through an open door or the new water pumping components, compartments will start to fill up and will lose it’s buoyancy. These new parts can be used for submarines as well as adding interior areas below the waterline of existing boats.

New Graphical Effects

All new visual effects have been added such as water impacts, spray, fire, splashes and bubbles. Some existing effects have also been refined and improved.


You now share your environment with a host of bird species and sea-life. Below water there are new plants and rock formations to explore, while above water, the world is divided into biomes in which certain bird species cohabit.

The full changelog can also be seen here.