FTL studio Subset readies Into the Breach for February 27 launch


Subset Games, of spaceship-roguelike FTL fame, has unveiled a new game called Into the Breach, which will launch for the PC on February 27. 

Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy game, in which you must build mechs to defeat huge alien creatures called the Vek, which are breeding beneath the surface of the Earth. It may look retro and simplistic but, typically for a Subset Games development, its gameplay features some interesting ideas. Such as a mechanism which means you can’t fail: if you’re defeated in a combat round, you’ll send help back in time to: “Save another timeline”. 

If FTL is anything to go by, Into the Breach should prove to be infernally addictive. Subset Games says it is planning to make Mac and Linux versions in addition to the PC one, but it hasn’t yet put a timescale on when those might be ready. So watch this space for more info.