New videos flesh out Nintendo Labo gameplay


Nintendo has released three new videos that provide an insight into the sort of gameplay experiences we can expect from its innovative cardboard-construction initiative for the Switch, Labo.

 The video above begins by showing various Toy-Cons in operation, including how the kits will give an insight into how the Toy-Cons work. Then it introduces the Toy-Con Garage, which will allow players to invent their own Toy-Cons.

The second video takes an in-depth look at the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit, offering detailed examinations of how each of its Toy-Cons work. It reveals, for example, that the RC Car Toy-Con can self-navigate using the Switch Joy-Con’s infra-red camera, and that two RC Cars can battle, Robot Wars-style. Or that players can cut paper and scan it to create their own fish for the Fishing Toy-Con. And that they will be able to create their own circuits for the Toy-Con Motorbike.

The third video goes into detail on the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit. Among the insights it offers are that spreading your arms while wearing the kit will launch flight mode, crouching will trigger car-mode and lowering your cardboard visor will put you into first-person mode. Plus it shows how completing Challenges in Challenge mode will unlock new abilities for your robot, such as a long-distance charge-punch and a corkscrew kick. In addition, it demonstrates how two Switch owners with Toy-Con Robots can battle each other.

The first two Nintendo Labo kits will launch on April 27, and if the videos above are anything to go by, they will have plenty of gameplay substance to back up their clever concepts.

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