Sea of Thieves server scale tests start today


Rare Software has announced that it is conducting scale tests to ensure the robustness of Sea of Thieves’ servers, the first of which started today.

To be precise, it began at 10am on February 16, and will run until 10am on Monday, February 18. As the scale test is open to: “Xbox Insiders and Closed Beta participants,” it effectively amounts to an extension of January’s Sea of Thieves closed beta. Joe Neate, Sea of Thieves’ development director, talked about the move in a video. 

In a statement on the Sea of Thieves website, Rare Software said of the game’s closed beta: “Due to the amount of people who turned up to play, we learned so much about our services and capabilities. Some of these we could address on the fly, some of them we could attribute to plans we already had to do before launch, and some identified completely new areas to work on, so these have been added to our list to address for launch. If there were times where you couldn’t start the game, or sell items at outposts, this was where the biggest bottleneck of data was seen, and it’s where our areas of focus are now.”

And it enumerated some issues that those who participate in the scale test can expect to experience: “Some examples of the issues we expect to see are:

  • Sessions being interrupted
  • An inability to join the game at certain times during the weekend
  • Issues when using shops in-game”

According to Rare, the scale test should offer more or less the same gameplay experience as the closed beta: “This will purposefully be a similar feature set to the Closed Beta, again restricted to the Gold Hoarders trading company & accompanying Voyages.” And we can look forward to another Sea of Thieves beta: “We do plan on running another beta closer to the launch of the game, where players will get a taste of the wider Sea of Thieves experience.”