Culture Pack DLC shifts Total War: Rome II to the Desert Kingdoms


Sega has lifted the lid off Desert Kingdoms, a new Culture Pack slice of DLC which will drop for Total War: Rome II on 8 March.

As teased in the trailer above, the Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack will bring four new playable factions to the popular RTS: the kingdoms of Kush, Saba and Nabatea from the African/Arabian subculture, plus the Masaesyli of Numidia. Sega says that: “Each faction boasts unique new rosters of differing military strength, new building chains, and new technology trees.”

Further details of what Desert Kingdoms will offer can be found on this blog, which also notes that if you pre-order the DLC, you will get 10 percent off its £6.99 price. In addition, a free update to the game concurrent with the launch of Desert Kingdoms will add new female leaders and generals, including Cleopatra and Teuta.