New Shenmue III screenshots emerge


Developer Ys Net has released four new Shenmue III screenshots. 

The screenshots, showcased in a blog post on the Shenmue III website, offer a tiny scrap of insight into the hugely anticipated yet still mysterious game. 

As the blogpost explains, they follow an appearance by Ys Software and legendary Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki at the MAGIC conference for manga artists, game creators and cosplayers in Monaco.

The screenshots suggest that Shenmue III will offer a pretty familiar experience for those who played the first two games. One shows a cute small child character, two feature main character Ryo – with an old man and a girl who may be his love interest – and the fourth features a musclebound baddie about to enter a battle with Ryo.

There is still no firm release date for the crowdfunded game, although it is due to appear before the end of 2018 on PlayStation 4 and PC. We’ll keep you informed of any further developments.