New trailer details Two Point Hospital gameplay


Developer Two Point Games has released a new video which delves into the gameplay of its forthcoming Two Point Hospital sim-game.

In the video, Mark Webley and Ben Hymers – two of Two Point Studios’ three co-founders – show an early stage in the game, in which they are kitting out their first hospital. The video highlights a number of gameplay aspects, including how the developer has worked to endow the game’s characters with lots of personality (the receptionist, for example, has responsibilities above and beyond merely booking patients in). It shows how easy it is to create irregularly-shaped rooms, and explains the importance of patient-flow. Plus it demonstrates how even in the game’s early stages, emergent behaviour can be seen.

As you would expect from a game made by much of the team responsible for the legendary Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital contains plenty of humour – doctors will celebrate, for example, after a successful x-ray, and if patients pass away, their ghosts will appear. There’s even a case of premature mummification on show.

As yet, Two Point Hospital, which will be published by Sega for the PC, has no firm release date, but it is due to arrive some time in 2018. If you’re keen to find out more, you can head to the official website (and sign up for a Hospital Pass).