PUBG Corp rolls back PC update, rolls out Xbox One patch


PUBG Corp has withdrawn its latest PC game update, after it caused compatibility problems.

In a statement on its website, the PUBG developer said: “We have decided to roll back our latest live server update.‪We will continue to resolve some compatibility issues caused by it. There will be a small patch to download. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

The update was mainly designed to make it easier to block cheats, but it left many gamers struggling with compatibility issues or unable to even launch PUBG. PUBG Corp provided some information on how to resolve issues in the roll-back notice, and added: “We know that some players are having compatibility issues, causing the game to crash, or are unable to launch the game. We are doing our best to resolve this issue. With the issue that is related to the game not launching, we are checking for any conflict between anti-cheat solutions and other programs.” While the vast majority of PUBG players will welcome the arrival of anti-cheat measures, they will have to wait a while longer for them.

Meanwhile, PUBG Corp has successfully launched another update — the tenth — for the Xbox One version of the game. It was designed to address bugs, and you can see precisely which ones here.