Nintendo Switch firmware update brings Facebook, Twitter integration

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has updated the Switch’s firmware to version 5.0.0, bringing a number of new features to the console including Facebook and Twitter integration.

The firmware update is now live, and should download automatically to all Switch consoles hooked up to the internet. Among the new features it brings are:

  • Facebook and Twitter friends who own Switch consoles can now be added through Friend Suggestions
  • Using the Parental Controls app, specific software titles can be added to your “whitelist”, excluding them from parental controls’ restricted settings
  • Captured videos will now be restricted by parental controls
  • 24 new Arms and Kirby user icons have been added
  • Digital software purchases will start downloading quicker than before
  • You will now be notified when pre-purchased software is ready to play
  • Pro Controllers’ grip colours will now display in the Controllers menu

The tweaks and improvements firmware version 5.0.0 brings to the Switch may not be massive, but they should further enhance what is already a mighty fine user experience. The Switch continues to go from strength to strength.