Sea of Thieves hits the ocean waves


Microsoft and Rare Software’s co-operative online-only pirate-life simulator Sea of Thieves is now live.

The innovative and amusing Xbox One/PC game, generally hailed as a return to the form of old for developer Rare Software, is one of 2018’s most anticipated efforts. In a letter to reviewers, executive producer Joe Neate said: “It seems only yesterday we began work on “Sea of Thieves” (or Athena as it was known back then). We set out with a vision to make a multiplayer game that broke down barriers between players, that encouraged players to be co-operative, to bond together, and to embrace the positivity of social interaction.

“We cannot wait to see players’ reactions to the game, the adventures and stories that people get up to, and to see where this journey takes us next. Launch is in a lot of ways just the start for us, as we grow and evolve this with our players.”

Fr those Achievement-hunters among you, here’s an article Rare Software wrote about Sea of Thieves’ Achievements. See you on the high seas, me hearties.