Epic Games adds replay tool to Fortnite


Epic Games has previewed a replay tool which will soon be added to Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

At the current GDC conference in San Francisco, Epic Games delivered a keynote in which it showed the new replay tool, drafting in top YouTuber Ali-A to demonstrate its capabilities.

As the video above shows, the tool puts an impressive set of editing capabilities into Fortnite players’ hands: it allows them return to old game-sessions and turn them into visual feasts with timeline control, slow-motion and a raft of camera functions including depth of field and field of view. 

Ali-A pronounced himself impressed with the replay tool, saying that it would bring a new dimension to the hugely popular game, and even help Fortnite gamers improve their skills. As yet, there’s no news about when the replay tool will be added to Fortnite, but we’ll keep you updated when that information emerges.